Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Success of cancer chemotherapy a mis-interpreted fact?

Treatment with anticancer drugs has been one of the most conventional ways of treating cancers. However, there has been some sensational claims (as shown in the above video), which says that about 97% failure rates with chemotherapy. There has been difficulty in locating the scientific publication, which can prove this claim.

However, it is a reality that there has been drug limiting and dose limiting toxicities of chemotherapy drugs.  These are the major hurdle in the success of chemotherapy as can be seen in publication made by Lyman GH in 2009. Hence, following method of personalised medicine as per the need of individual cancer patient becomes need of an hour. It may increase the success rate of cancer medicine.

 It is fascinating to imagine the increase in chances of having proper chemotherapy. But it is still a SuperMan Challenge.

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Signal Transduction Pathways

Signal Transduction Pathways
RTK, GPCR, GF, Cytokine, Wnt, Death Factors & Shh pathways