Sunday, October 11, 2015

Personalised cancer treatment by Pathway Pharmaceuticals & Insilco Inc.

In 2014 scientists from Pathway Pharmaceuticals had developed OncoFinder algorithm that was published in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences.

Moreover, it is also important to understand that chemotherapy is the most conventional form of treatment for variety of cancers. Journey of a drug from a laboratory to human use normal takes >25 years. After all the rigorous and stringent process we have access to safe product for human use. In-spite of this, anti-cancer chemotherapy faces a major challenge of drug and dose related toxicity issues. It is ironical to say that the drug approved for a particular cancer therapy may prove to be in-effective due to the variations in cellular dynamics of same cancer in different individuals. As a result safely designed drug may prove to be effective in one but ineffective in others. Hence, Pathway Pharmaceuticals have come up with a unique and scientific method of providing best possible treatment for cancers.

In recent paper published in OncoTargets by Artem Artenov et al (co authored by Dr. Alex Zavaronkov) of Pathway Pharmaceuticals and Insilco Medicine Inc, developed a pioneering scientific method of predicting cancer target drug efficacy based on genetic signatures of individual tumor samples. They developed a computational algorithm which helps them to predict the most efficient drug that can be used for the treatment of cancer and help in survival of an individual on a personalised basis. The method was validated and has proven to be successful with variety of cancers as shown their scientific finding.

The original paper is open access it can be downloaded from here

Academicians and scientists interested for conference in personalised medicine can visit here

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Signal Transduction Pathways
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