Monday, May 10, 2010

A merger between Sequenom Inc (NASDAQ: SQNM) and Helicos Biosciences (NASDAQ: HLCS) will solve many problems

Looking at relative strengths of both companies, I think that it can be a very strategic move for HLCS to propose a merger with Sequenom. I am a long shareholder of both companies and there is most definitely a lot of synergy.
The combined entity can most definitely be successful in both diagnostics and equipment businesses.

Sequenom has excellent distribution channels for equipment and close ties with most genomics & epigenetics centers worldwide. It also has one operating and one planned CLIA labs and most innovative diagnostics assays in development.
Helicos has a great sequencing platform, which can be used for high-throughput diagnostics. The companies are a great fit and a merger could solve many problems for both companies and create a major superpower in Oncology, Prinatal Diagnostics and Ophthalmology.

Just my two cents...

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