Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sequenom - The rising star in cancer diagnostics

Most of us know Sequenom (Nasdaq: SQNM) as a mass-spec equipment maker that is now a prenatal diagnostics company developing non-invasive highly-accurate cell free fetal RNA and DNA assays for Down's syndrome, RHD, fetal sex and a myriad other genetic disorders.
For that purpose they purchased a CLIA clinic in Michigan.

However, the company has one of the strongest portfolios for cancer diagnostics and includes early colon cancer detection by analyzing the genetic material in fecal masses...

The company is going through rough times right now, but in our opinion will do very well in the cancer arena.


DNAmite said...

The co-founder of Sequenom is the former director of the Human Genome Project from the DEO side, legendary scientist Dr. Charles Cantor. http://www.CharlesCantor.Org

DNAmite said...

Sequenom now offers the OncoCarta™ Panel v1.0, the most comprehensive multi-gene panel available for profiling rare somatic mutations. It enables you to rapidly profile genetic changes associated with tumor initation and progression.

* Comprehensive–the only panel for somatic mutation analysis with 19 oncogenes and 238 mutations
* Ready-to-go–Pre-designed assays you can run in your lab today
* High sensitivity– detect as low as 10% mutation frequency
* Small input DNA– less than 500 nanograms per sample, important when using FFPE tissue

For more information, view our OncoCarta™ Webinar

Signal Transduction Pathways

Signal Transduction Pathways
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